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Designs for receivers, antennas, monitors etc. are always welcome. Please send details to .

Graham Phillips' DF Receiver

This is my Mk XVII DF receiver, in use for the last three years. It is finished in natural die-cast aluminium because I have not had time to pull it apart, and paint it!

Graham Phillips, G3XTZ

Look at construction details of DF set.

Steve Stone's program for calculating results and controlling the clocks

Installation Notes for DF Program

DFContests.exe is what I call a passive Windows program, i.e. it does not install any files to the Windows system directories, nor does it make any Registry changes.

The download file is a self-extracting WinZip archive.

Suggested install procedure:

1. Download the zip file to the desktop.

2. Create a new folder, named for example DF Contests, in c:\Program Files.

3. Double click the .exe and Unzip the files to this folder.

4. Create a shortcut on the desktop if required.

Double click the DFContests.exe file in the destination folder to run the program. The program contains comprehensive help, available from the Help menu item. The help gives recommendations for directory structure to contain contest data, but it's not mandatory.

Included is a test competition you can play around with to get started. Without clocks it's not possible to generate results files, but you can examine the test competition results files to see the results format etc.

The program has been tested on Windows 98, NT, 2000, and XP SP1 and SP2.

I've not tested the program on a machine that doesn't have a serial COM port, so will be interested to hear people's experiences with USB/COM adaptors.

Steve Stone

Download the program (480 KB).