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All the information in this section was written by Phil Arnold.

What is the British Top-Band DF Association?

The BTBDFA was formed in February 2000 to centralise the organisation of Direction Finding (DF) on the 160m band in the UK. The association organises the eight qualifying rounds and the final of the National DF championship; the winner receives the handsome RSGB Trophy which was first awarded in 1951. The runner-up receives the new Trevor Gage Memorial Trophy.

The main aim of the association is to increase the popularity of Top Band DF, it does this by organising events, providing lectures to radio clubs, putting interested people in touch with each other, writing articles for magazines etc.

The constitution of the association may be downloaded from here.

The minutes of the meetings of the association are available by clicking below:

You will need Adobe Reader to view any of these documents; if you don't have it already you can download it from Adobe's website by clicking on the logo below.

How to Join the BTBDFA

Easy! Just send your subscription to the treasurer. The current subscriptions are £10 per year.

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